Out of Work? Get IT Training For Free at SUNY School
SUNY Adirondack is trying to help those who lost their jobs or are looking for a job in the Capital Region by offering free training classes in the IT field. The two free courses being offered are front-end web development and a "Python" programming language for data analytics.
O.J. Up for Parole!
O.J. Simpson is yet again in the 'Hot Seat' with another parole hearing coming up in July of this year. According to News Reports, O.J. Simpson has been in a Nevada prison, convicted of kidnapping, armed robbery and assault, since 2008 and could be released as soon as October...
If you're a Buffalo High School Student aspiring to go to college and you want to be totally prepared, the 'Make Your Name Great' Summer College Prep Academy is offering FREE College Prep Workshops the week of July 13 -19!