Jay Leno

The Tonight Show Torch Passes
On February 17, 2104, after about 20 years of the Late Night Show with Jay Leno, the torch will soon be passed on to the much anticipated Jimmy Fallon who, in my opinion, is the Best Talk Show Host since Johnny Carson.  Who's your Favorite or The Best Ever Late Night Talk Show Host, in you…
This is one must-see video of a couple pumping gas when they are pleasantly surprised by the image and voice in the monitor above the pump.
Gabby Douglas, First Lady Michelle Obama Inspire on ‘Jay Leno’
Now that the Olympics are over, gold medalist Gabby Douglas returned to the U.S. for one of her first big late-night appearances on Jay Leno last night (Monday, August 13). First Lady Michelle Obama joined Gabby for an inspirational interview all Americans can take pride in! Watch it inside.