Jada Pinkett-Smith

Will Smith For President?
Will Smith has racked up Grammy Awards and is an Oscar nominated actor and is one of the most accomplished thespians in the acting business.
Will and Jada Smith's school was closed apparently after parents of the students found out that the school's curriculum touched on religion and Scientology.
Win Tickets To "FELA"!
While you're listening to win tickets to the new stage play "FELA", produced by Jada & Will Smith and Jay-Z, which is LIVE this Friday @ Shea's Performing Arts Center..Starring "Destiny Child's" MICHELLE WILLIAMS...here are some &a…
At 11 Years Old, is Willow Smith Too Free?
Tongue rings, multiple earrings, a boy cut, obscure clothing. Many don't agree with Willow Smith's image and feel that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are being too lenient as parents by letting an 11 year old seemingly do whatever she pleases...
Harvard Black Men’s Forum Names Jada Pinkett Smith
Harvard Black Men’s Forum, a group of black Harvard students recognized Jada Pinkett Smith for her success as an actress, producer, director and singer-songwriter.
They held their 18th annual Celebration of Black Women and named her “Woman of the Year

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