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Ja Rule Thinks Prison Is Amazing ! [THE BIG DUMMY FILES]
Tonight's BIG DUMMY is FORMER Rapper turned singer turned inmate 989879. Ja Rule, is currently doing time in prison for concealed weapons charges. Ja Rule claims "THAT JAIL IS AMAZING" ! Huh, what? I've never been to jail before and don't plan on going, but what I ha…
Ja Rule Owes Uncle Sam A 4.3 Million Dollar Tax Bill
I guess the old saying "Mo Money Mo Problems" is definitely true for Ja Rule. He currently in prison serving charges for being found in New York City with a gun on his person. When he is finished with that prison time he has to report to a federal prison to serve time for tax evas…
Ja Rule’s Wife Speaks On Rumors of Being Broke
Despite rumors that Ja Rule left his family broke before starting his prison bid last week. Sources say Ja’s wife, Aisha Atkins, decided to respond to the rumors. During a recent interview, Atkins revealed that she and her family are doing just fine financially.

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