italian festival

'My Italian Festival Experience'
Despite the Italian Festival being Shut Down on Saturday, I went and had a Great Time with Great Food on Friday. Here's at least some of "MY ITALIAN FESTIVAL EXPERIENCE." (Most of the time "off camera" I was stuffing my face! Mmmmmmm.....)
Italian Festival Shuts Down
The Italian Festival was 'Shut Down' Saturday Evening at around 9:30 for 'UNRULY BEHAVIOR'. However, the Italian Festival Re-Opens today. I'm not sure WHY the Festival was 'SHUT DOWN', but this video may give us some clues.
Here's An UPDATED News Report:
Here's a …
H”EAT” Up Summer With The Buffalo Italian Heritage Festival
I'm not the least bit Italian, however, I love Italian things- Mob movies such as Goodfellas and The Godfather , and Italian food. This weekend is the Sorrento Cheese Buffalo Italian Heritage Festival; I love to eat, so I'm grateful to live in a city that is big on food festivals.