A Batavia Phone Number Is Being Used in an IRS Scam
The Batavia Police Department are investigating a scam that claims that they are the IRS using phone numbers that are from the City of Batavia. The scammers will call and say they are collecting funds for the IRS and they need to be put into an account within an hour to avoid arrest...
FREE Tax Help for Those In Need
With tax season among us once again, some may be reeling at the thought of not only the process of filing taxes but the high fees that sometimes accompany them. The IRS says using such free services can save $100 to $300 in preparation fees compared with paid tax preparers.
Bow Wow Owes the IRS
People in Hip Hop talk about how "GANGSTA" they are but they are no comparison to one of the most GANGSTA organization to exist, the I.R.S.
Ja Rule Owes Uncle Sam A 4.3 Million Dollar Tax Bill
I guess the old saying "Mo Money Mo Problems" is definitely true for Ja Rule. He currently in prison serving charges for being found in New York City with a gun on his person. When he is finished with that prison time he has to report to a federal prison to serve time for tax evas…

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