Texas Teen Speaks Out
You saw the viral video of cops crashing a pool party this weekend, now hear from the victim in the center of the controversial incident.
Alex Thomas Live @Tralf 5.22
You've seen this man on every TV show from Jamie Foxx, Martin, Girlfriends & Moesha to classic films from The Players Club, Just Married, BAPS, and The Wash! Now see Alex Thomas Live at The Tralf, Memorial Day weekend.
Jazzy T goes on air with the new dad as he prepares his return to Buf…
Kris Jenner In Tears
Kris Jenner breaks her silence to daughter Kim Kardashian after finding out that her husband and father or her kids secretly wanted to be a woman their whole marriage. Watch the emotional video here.
Joe Kent is Back & Speaking Out
Hashtag #WhereIsJosephKent was trending after news cameras captured a peace keeping protester walking in front of a line of militant police in Baltimore and suddenly disappeared into an armored truck. Today he explains what happened to him and what he plans to do now. Watch the full interview here.
Baltimore Mom Speaks Out!
We now know the "Baltimore Mom" is Toya Graham, a Single Mother of six, who chastised and slapped her son around on National Television after seeing him rioting on the news!!!
This is what Toya Graham had to say regarding why she did it:

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