Teens Wrongly Arrested?
It's hard to swallow... the City in which I was born, and grew up loving, has turned into seemingly the "MURDER & CRIME CAPITAL OF NEW YORK STATE".
As I began looking for information to write this Blog, I was AMAZED at VIDEO UPON VIDEO (on YouTube) of Fights and violenc…
Another Senseless Homicide
While most of us celebrate Family and the Holidays; there is one young lady who will not be joining us.  DESIRAE JAMES' body was eventually identified on Monday after her 2004 Pontiac was engulfed in flames and extinguished by police on Swinburne Street, according to the Buffalo News
This i…
Help Hamburg Police!
According to The Buffalo News, there was a fatal attack on an employee at the Toys 'R' Us store in Hamburg (McKinley Parkway and Milestrip Road) on Saturday.
Should the Mother of 10 yr. Old Boy Found Dead Be Prosecuted?
A 10 year-old boy was found beaten to death by his step-father in Buffalo, New York. 10 year-old Abdifatah Mohamud was found dead in the basement after his step-father bound and beat him until he was deceased. Eventhough his step-father was arrested, a lot of people knew the abuse that was taking pl…