Governor Andrew Cuomo

Free College Tuition for Students of Middle Class Families
It's being called The Excelsior Scholarship Program and was included in the state budget to cover tuition at public state schools and universities for students of families who make up to $125,000 a year. According to News Reports, Governor Andrew Cuomo predicts that almost 80% of WNY famil…
Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Tuition-Free College Program!
Gov. Andrew Cuomo was in Buffalo yesterday to talk about his Tuition Free College Program.  The proposal, called the Excelsior Program, is very exciting for families and students who can't afford college, which is who the program is targeted to benefit...
Start-Up NY Announces 817 New Jobs!
Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Friday that Start-Up NY will be creating 817 New Jobs among the 39 Companies that will be added to the initiative.
Additionally, the 39 companies will invest $30 Million across the state within the next 5 Years...
Should Transgenders Use Separate Bathrooms? [POLL]
North Carolina has issued a travel ban relative to travel to North Carolina due to a North Carolina law, which bars transgender individuals from using restrooms appropriate for their gender identities.
According to News Reports, this "Travel Ban" applies to all New York State agencies, depa…
New Jobs Coming To Buffalo!
According to The Buffalo News, Governor Cuomo is in Buffalo today to announce a plan for a new IT center in downtown Buffalo, with IBM committing to bring 500 new jobs to the facility!
"Financial Genius" and Real Estate Mogul Donald Trump is rumored to have interest in running New York State as Governor!  
Would you vote for "THE DONALD"?  

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