The Hottest Easter Pageant Ever [VIDEO]
When I say hot I really mean hot, this performance literally set the church on fire.  Shout out to the singer who still finished the performance despite the open fire behind him.
Sidebar:  The pastor (the man who was wrestling with the fire) was treated at the hospital and released...
'God Made a DJ' Video
Dodge Ram captured the hearts of Middle America with their "God Made a Farmer" Super Bowl XLVII commercial voiced by radio legend Paul Harvey. And now, Townsquare Media is paying homage to America's radio personalities in this hilarious video parody, "God Made A DJ,&a…
Is there a Peabody award for playing some one on camera ?  If so WKMG reporter Jessica Sanchez gets my vote hands down. While reporting on Bourbon street in New Orleans about pre super bowl partying, she was confronted by a heckler and 49er's fan...
Juicy J Releases “Bandz A Make Her Dance” Video Game
Named after the hit song, players must throw dollars at strippers to keep them twerking on the pole. If you keep the first stripper up with ease, a second one will begin to dance on another pole and you must continue to make it rain.
In playing the game for the past half hour, I will say this: making…
Worlds Largest Snake Found Dead ! [VIDEO]
I like looking at nature shows every now and again. I have always found snakes amazing but this is the world's largest snake (anaconda) it was found dead earlier today in his cage. Watch this video and be amazed by the size of this snake. (over 50 ft long)
Dj iPod on The Maury Povich Show
Tonight's Big Dummy is Dj iPod, I hate giving the Big Dummy award to one of my fellow dj's. Some time you have to do what you have to do. Dj iPod made a memorable appearance on the Maury Povich show, his girlfriend was accusing him of cheating...

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