Bills GM Whaley: Humans Aren’t Supposed to Play Football
Buffalo Bills' GM Doug Whaley has given fuel to Parents and persons who feel Football is too violent a Sport due to the recently exposed Concussion Frequency in the NFL which has reportedly led to a Brain Disease called CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy)...
Rex Ryan Talks Hopes for 2016 Buffalo Bills
It was no surprise that Rex Ryan's defense as his first year as head coach was a disappointment. His defense ended up 19th where they were expected to be toward the top of the league.  Rex sat down with NFL Network this week to to share his hopes and game plan for 2016...
Buffalo Bills Share Pump Up Video
The Buffalo Bills are looking to dominate another week when they take on New York at The Ralph on Sunday. The video that the Buffalo Bills posted yesterday has us more-than-excited for kickoff this weekend.
When you're out in the parking lots tailgating, if you happen to catch the bonehead of th…
Friday Night Lights Is Back And Ready!
It's time for some football and it's ACE's favorite sport. Over the next 7 weeks, Join him and the rest of the WBLK team as we bring you the "FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS". Check out the scheduled games. Who will be the #1 contender in this years football season...
Take The Bills Health Challenge
Join ya girl Jazzy T, Independent Health & The Buffalo Bills for a 6 week Health & Wellness Challenge. Round 2 of "The Challenge" starts today April 20th with a Grand Prize of a trip to London England!! Sign Up now and let's get moving TOGETHER!
Friday Funnies!
Since playing flag Football I have developed  a new love for Football so I watch it and its interviews often. This hands down is one of the best post game interviews I have ever seen.
Check out Marshawn Lynch answer every question with a "yeah" that he didnt want to answer.

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