Teacher In Hot Water
A South New Jersey kindergarten teacher was suspended after an incident on September 30, 2013, in which she walked into the bathroom and caught two of her students naked "having sex". The two students, both 5 years old, were naked in the restroom, and when asked what they were doin…
Woman Fired For Helping?
Former McDonald's Manager, Heather Levia, says she was fired for donating money to buy Fire Fighters' meals.  If her allegations are true (which the Owner of the McDonalds says "are not true"), should she have been fired?  
Men Fired Over Brady Photo
Two employees at Reliant Stadium in Texas have been fired for getting caught taking a picture with Tom Brady after a Texans Game.
Fans Boo Drake In Philly [VIDEO]
First Drake's International Tour is postponed a couple months, Then Future is Fired and then hired again. Now Drake CANCELS his second show. Details inside.
Bimbo Ends Mr Cee's Career
New York DJ & Radio Personality has resigned in the wake of an audio tape of him soliciting sex from a male drag queen named Bimbo Whitehouse.