Cookie Vs Cookie [VID]
Taraji P Henson finally let us know what the "P" in her name stands for ..... PUPPET! Find out what happens when Cookie Lyon crashes Sesame Street!
Jamal 'Comes Out' On Empire With A Hot Song!!! [VIDEO]
Did you see "EMPIRE" last night??  WHOA!!!!
Lucious convinced his son, Jamal, to sing one his songs...explaining that Music is everlasting and a means of EXPRESSION one should take advantage of.... So that's EXACTLY what Jamal did... with a SURPRISE TWIST which SHOCKED his Dad (Lucious)
Has "EMPIRE" Gone Too Far?
The most popular TV Shows of late are seemingly those that are the most raunchy, risque, and some may say RIDICULOUS!  The newest of these highly rated shows, based on the number of people watching, is "EMPIRE"!
There are two particular scenes that some say go TOO FAR...
Watch R. Kelly's "Cookie" Video
This NewTube Thursday we got serious music videos like Yo Gotti's "Don't Come Around and Wyclef Jeans' "Mandela"  and raunchy clips like R Kelly's "Cookie" & Migos' "Hannah Montana. Also check out Eddie Murph…