Chaka Khan

'Battle of the Headliners' - Chaka Khan vs Janet Jackson
This battle should prove to be interesting among two ladies with somewhat similar but, at the time, different styles.  Both Chaka and Janet can move a dance floor equally but the question is who is the better singer overall.  Personally I think Chaka blows Janet away in that area, however, Janet may…
Jennifer Hudson Performs at 2013 Soul Train Awards
When Jennifer Hudson hits the stage, it's almost guaranteed she's going to give a fierce performance. She did just that for the Black Girls Rock Awards in October and she once again offered a riveting set during the 2013 Soul Train Awards Sunday (Dec. 1.
2012 BET Awards Likes & Dislikes!
There are mixed reviews regarding the 2012 BET Awards.  What were your favorite and least favorite moments, and what would you change (winners, performances, choreography, etc.)?
I personally thought Maze's performance featuring Frankie Beverly was phenomenal and thought Usher was not so ph…