Another Edition Of Motivational Mondays
Another Edition Of Motivational Monday, Something to get you going through another full week check it out below
For so long I was that kid who pushed his assignments to the last minute because I felt as though I worked better under pressure
Big Shouts to 1/3 Of the Migos Quavo Has 10 songs up Right on the billboard 100! Now i know a lot of fans and people think Quavo is going to pull a Beyonce in Destinys child and go solo But I heard it from the source and bro is not going to turn his back on his brothers anytime soon...
Private Islands
Imagine owning your own Island ... it's very possible...with one don't get to claim or keep it.  These islands are for rent.  A website called has all the details.
While you and I will be looking into this reasonably price Island getaways we can rent; here are the Most Exp…
Canada Will Take Refugees!
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has decided to do just the opposite of what President Trump has initiated in the U.S.
While President Trump has signed an Executive Order denying Refugees from 7 Countries admission into the United States, Prime Minister Trudeau has taken the stance to acce…

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