Buffalo Public Schools

2 School Admins NOT CERTIFIED
I'm Baffled!! Please consider these questions with me:

How does ANY PERSON land a job as "School Administrator" (in any capacity) without the proper Certification?
Aren't ALL the Requirements for School Admin Jobs listed SOMEWHERE?
Did Yamilette Williams (Chief of Curri…
Two City Schools Are CLOSING!
This is my opinion but I think it's TERRIBLE & SAD that some Buffalo Schools are CLOSING because they are FAILING SCHOOLS....which implies that Students are not doing wee...not testing well...which in turn implies one of 3 things:  Students are so unruly that the teachers do more disciplining in…
Teachers Say No Free Breakfast
Buffalo teachers want the Free Breakfast Program to either end or CHANGE so that they don't have to clean up crumbs and spilled milk left behind students anymore...not to mention the ants that the setup has attracted...according to the teachers.
Education is the foundation for which we build our future in this country. Over the years, education in America has been a hot topic of discussion do to the overall performance of the educational system.

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