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TLC Album update
Earlier this week, Ms.Visa and myself discussed TLC's new goal of trying to raise $150,000 to record their final studio album independently. Well... they reached their goal in merely 2 days!
Iggy Azalea Speaks on Hip Hop in GQ Magazine
Iggy Azalea has been one of the most talked about artists in the Hip Hop game in the last year. People have mixed emotions about her belonging in the Hip Hop game and thriving. She addressed all of that in a sit down with GQ magazine
Virginia Lawmaker Wins Election From Jail
Well, there is a first for everything. Virginia lawmaker joseph Morrisey was locked up for a sex scandal surrounding a 17 year old girl. You have to hear how he was able to still win the special election for his old seat from behind bars:
Remembering Dr. King!
I saw one of the greatest articles on the legacy of Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. on Huffington Post that does a great job of highlighting his life. Check it out!
Brown's Probation Revoked
Superstar, Chris Brown, was indirectly involved in a shooting at a San Diego nightclub last weekend, 5 people were injured while he was performing. We now get reports that the judge presiding over his lingering abuse case on Rihanna is fearful over his, as well as people around him's, well bein…

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