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CBS Cancels Rihanna
This week has been dominated by domestic violence talks and abusive relationships after the footage from Ray Rice's attack on his fiancee', Janay Palmer, were released.
The Hot / Crazy Matrix [VIDEO]
I can't stop watching this video. Partially true (LOL), James Yeager and his friend break down how to classify the women in your life. Check it out and think about where you stand
More About The Famous Felon
News broke today that the felon with the famous mugshot, Jeremy Meeks, has officially raised enough money to purchase a well respected lawyer to represent him in court and Meeks also will be stylin’ in court, raising enough money to rock a Tom Ford Suit to his trial.
Kanye West Gets Booed
(Getty Images)
Well, Kanye certainly hasn’t received this kind of backlash in a while but apparently King Kanye showed up 20 minutes late to Bonnaroo Music Festival and well, his fans didn’t like that. The fans actually booed him as he continues his rant about media an…
Kim Kardashian
I know you heard a lot of rumors surrounding Kim Kardashian and Kanye's wedding, well... Kim thinks you should know the truth.