Black Friday

Boycott black Thursday [VIDEO]
Black Friday is the day AFTER Thanksgiving and traditionally kicks off the Holiday Shopping Season. But as some stores began opening up earlier and earlier on Friday morning, most stores are now open on Thursday!
Malls in 2014 are not only encouraging stores to be open on Thanksgiving, but some are f…
I'm not sure you can actually call what you're about to see a "fight" but people were certainly "fighting" their way through crowds of Black Friday shoppers to get to the items they came out to buy.
Were you a part of a Black Friday melees or did you see …
The calm after the storm, its mid day Friday so a lot of the madness has die down some, from the morning shopping war better known as “BLACK FRIDAY”. I pray all of you made it out safe without major injury. I rather sit at home and shop online on cyber Monday, call me laz…
Best Excuses You Can Use to Avoid Black Friday Shopping
It’s that time of year again, where the serial shoppers and coupon enthusiasts emerge in search of that all mighty wonder deal- its Black Friday. It time to put on your winter coat and assemble a team of high endurance, competitive shoppers who are ready for war!
Black Friday Stampede [THE BIG DUMMY FILES]
Each and every year people line up outside of their favorite BIG chain store to take advantage of Black Friday sales. This has got to be one of the most backwards thing that takes place in America. Let me get this straight you want me to stand outside in the COLD, so I can come in and give you my mo…
Foxy Brown Sides With Nicki Minaj Over Lil’ Kim Beef
The ongoing beef between Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim continues and rapper Foxy Brown isn’t afraid to pick sides. According, the BK rapstress recently spoke about the drama. “When you’re using that as a platform to bring your new album out…I don’t condone it at all, Black Friday. “It’s not cu…
Lil Kim Holds No Prisoners

Lil Kim with Black Friday is taking no prisoners and now she has everyone's attention. Not only does she have a problem with Nicki but she also speaks on Drake and P Diddy.  Check out the video.
Lil Kim Black Friday

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