Apology or nah?
Tonight CNN will air Anderson Cooper's entire Interview with Donald Sterling (The LA Clipper's Owner who was banned from the league for his racist comments.) But we got a 6 min sneak peek of this interview for you here! You won't believe what he says about Magic Johnson.
Know Your Rights In GM Recall
If you or someone you know has been injured while in a vehicle recently recalled by GM, listen to what Attorney Steve Barnes says should be your next step. Also listen to GM CEO's apology.
Her Apology To Malcolm X
Nicki Minaj is turning heads after releasing controversial artwork for her viral hit “Lookin A** Ni**a” off her upcoming her lp, “The Pink Print”. But now she apologizing for the post. Do you think she disrespected Malcom X? Peep the image insi…
Crude Lyrics just won't 'dew'
After a year-long "DeWeezy" campaign, Mountain Dew has dropped their sponsorship of Lil Wayne because of his "crude lyrics"!
With these high-profile endorsement deals going sour, will hip-hop trade in the ratchet lyrics and revert back to the sociall…