Andre 3000

Andre As Jimi
Although we haven't heard much from Andre 3000 on the music end, he's been pretty busy making films.
Bey + Andre 3000
The legendary Beyonce and Andre 3000 paired up and did a phenomenal job with the cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Back To Black”.
T.I. Talks 'Trouble Man' Sequel
T.I. hasn't even dropped his new record yet, but while the world waits to hear 'Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head' when it drops on Dec. 18, he's already moved on to his next record -- a 'Trouble Man' sequel.
T.I. + Andre 3000 -- 'Sorry'
Rapper T.I. is back with a confessional song called 'Sorry,' which features fellow Atlanta rhyme-slinger Andre 3000. On the song, the King of the South is not apologetic about some of the mistakes that he has made in the past.
Download Or Delete: T.I. Ft Andre 3000 – Sorry
An Outkast reunion is as likely as the predicted rapture, but it’s good to have new records from both halves of the legendary Atlanta duo. That’s not the only commonality between the two songs; T.I. delivers surprisingly memorable verses on both songs: Trouble Man&Cl…
Jimi Hendrix The Movie
Widely recognized as one of the most creative and influential musicians of the 20th century, Jimi Hendrix is the next Black superstar to have a Biopic created about his life. Find out who will have the honor of playing the lead role and details about the film.

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