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Nicki Minaj Out at ‘American Idol’
Rap diva Nicki Minaj is one and done.
Sources close to the production claim that the controversial star will exit 'American Idol' now that Season 12's wrapped. She served on the judge's panel for a season, famously clashing with Mariah Carey, who also sat on the panel for her firs…
Battle of the Divas
Just when you thought the bulk of 'American Idol' panel drama was done, a major bombshell has been revealed about the judges: Producers tried wooing Jennifer Lopez back to replace Mariah Carey in the middle of this season. Yikes!
Nicki on 'AI' Ratings
The ratings for Season 12 of 'American Idol' have been consistently down -- the worst since the first. Many critics believe the decline has to do with lackluster judges. One of those judges believes the blame lies on the doorstep of her peers. Yes, Nicki Minaj thinks the low ratings for 'Idol' are t…
Nicki in denial
Regardless of what the public has to say about Nicki Minaj and her 'American Idol' hiccups, the 'High School' creator says she hasn't had a single incident that she'd classify as being her "worst" while serving on the show's judges' panel.
Nicki Minaj concern about image on American Idol
High up on the list of things that shouldn't concern Nicki Minaj: becoming “too famous.” Yet the singer is incredibly worried that her new role as judge on 'American Idol' could do just that, even though it opens her up to whole a new audience of exactly no…

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