Adidas Tubular GSG9
Boots aren’t always the most comfortable thing to wear which is why people tend to dread pulling them out. Adidas has decided to shift the paradigm a bit by suiting up one of their most comfortable models in a winter friendly new style.
Kanye's 2nd Release
With the fashion game already raging over the recent release of the 'Yeezy' shoe, Kanye does it again. Tonight he's expected to be unveiling the upcoming shoe release with Adidas. If you're not able to make it into New York to see it in person, He's allowing certain theaters…
Rapper Turns Sports Recruiter
It sounds as funny as it seems, legendary rapper Snoop Dogg is now the Director of Football Recruiting for Adidas. After enlisting Snoop Dogg as its Director of Football Development earlier this year, Adidas has just added another title to Uncle Snoop’s corporate position, Direc…
Adidas Blue Boost
The Adidas Blue Collection is where luxury and performance meet and while the run of products they produce may be small they are always impressive. This next shot employs our favorite technology to come from the adidas as of late and even names the shoe after it.
Raf Simons x Adidas Stan Smith
Raf Simons has produced several highly successful collaborations using adidas‘ iconic shoe the Stan Smith as his template. Apparently, the R that graces the side of each sneaker stands for “relentless” or maybe “re-up” as the fashion designer releases another excit…

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