An Atheist organization in Pennsylvania recently erected a billboard depicting an African Slave with the words ‘Slaves Obey Your Masters’. The Atheist organization put up the billboard because they wanted to get the word out about the state House’s recent designation of 2012 as “The Year of the Bible” which they (atheists) find offensive.

Just as the Pennsylvania State House has the right to designate 2012 as “The Year of the Bible” others have the right to voice their opinion and discomfort with that designation. Although the message borders along sensitive lines, everyone may not feel that the state lawmakers should have designated 2012 as “The Year of the Bible”.

I have often said that controversial moments can also be used as teaching moments. Now when you take a look at the billboard and see the picture of the African descendant as a slave and then the words “Slaves, Obey Your Masters”, instead of getting upset and calling it a racial issue; the teaching moment is that slaves were handed Christianity (Religion) during their capture in the mother land of Africa. Then, ask yourself: “what was the religion of your African Ancestors before they were loaded on those ships and brought to foreign lands?”

There are a number of African Americans that are spiritually enslaved by religion still to this day and are so afraid to become critical thinkers of why they believe and protect the spiritual enslavement that some of them still experience in this country.

I applaud the message of this billboard for its TEACHING MOMENT!

Hotep Fam!