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Who’s Ready For The New City Girls Album? || Power 93.7 WBLK
City Girls And City Boys are in an uproar with the great news of the release of the 1/2 of the whole City Boy/Girl movement leader, JT.
Jt just dropped her new record “JT First Day Out,” right after being released from behind bars. And now its looking real promising on a n…
Is Rihanna Pregnant ??
Well this is something the whole world wants to know I know I wanna too! there has a been so many rumors especially from the Navy (Rihanna's Core fan Base) that Rihanna is pregnant but no one really knows her mind. The Rumors have been going on for years now and I guess RiRi wants to clear up a…
Micheal Jackson Musical To Hit Broadway In 2020
Mannn the day I see someone else moon walk like the late great Micheal Jackson time will be soon apparently! That man is no doubt the greatest dancer/ performer of his. let me save my dollars to a trip to Broadway and I ain't talking bailey and broadway
Thats right his whole life MJ has been dancing …
This Dark Mode On Instagram Is Elite || Power 93.7
iPhone maybe android user too I don't really care about y'all but this new iPhone update is too fire 🔥🔥🔥 its just more smoother you can search old messages better I have to say Apple I'm supper impressed by the way the first version is moving we know there is going to be some updates but right no…
‘Flint’ Air Jordan 13s Get a Release Date ||Power 93.7 WBLK
If you know me Dj wire is a huge sneaker head and I indeed have a favorite Jordan Number from 1-18 and I would have to say my top picks are
Jordan 1s
Jordan 3s
Jordan 6s
Jordan 8s
Jordan 13s
and Jordan 18s
First introduced as an OG colorway in 1998, the pair saw a fairly true-to-original reissue in 2005 fo…
Cheektowaga Set On Getting An Indoor Adventure Park
Wow I use to be so mad wanting to go town Park pool when I was younger because my id said I lived in Buffalo but now....I know people that live in Cheektowaga so I'm good lol. I don't see them doing the same thing with this Indoor Adventure park though coming very soon to the Town Of Cheek…
Mcdonalds Big Mac’s Are 1 Penny For A Limited Time Only
Now I am Slim Wire so I am not partaking in any of these cheap deals but man if wasnt Slim Wire Big Mac's for 1 Penny?!!! I would be all over that lol.
But Mcdonalds and door dash are celebrating its team up by creating this major deal buy making Mcdonalds most popular sandwich the Big Mac 1 Cen…
Rkelly Is Upset He Can Only See One Of His Girlfriends
Shoot I would be pissed I got Mulitply wife's and now I can only see the only one that wants to argue?
Apparently R Kelly attorney filed a motion arguing for a release on bond in which he (Rkelly) can only be good with visitation privileges that allow him to visit with only one of his girlfriend…
Fight At Buffalo State Ends Up In Shots Fired
Man I love college the environment, the experience of meeting new people, but all people are not good people to meet especially in this day in time.
Sunday night a fight involving 12 yes 12 people. that's not a fight any more that is a brawl with all 12 people fighting one fired were shot in the air …