Today's Scenario comes from a female listener “Is it okay for parents to smoke (weed) and drink with their children are today's parents too cool ? Here is what she wrote

So I was talking with my boyfriend about parents that smoke or drink with their kids. Much was said but let me sum it up...I said, what kind of parent would allow their child to smoke when with them. There should be a boundary and a level of respect. So he said well it’s better to have the child do it with you than in the streets.

His mom smoked and still will smoke weed with him...smh...But anyhow...I understand that a parent cannot be with their child all day but you shouldn’t do illegal things with your child. He said, well should a parent drink with their child? I said what’s the problem if they're both grown in a close environment, but if they were driving or out in the public being wild and loud NO because that’s illegal so my question is basically....

SHOULDN'T A PARENT NOT SMOKE WEED WITH THEIR CHILD AT ANY AGE? I need you as a parent not a friend and to me that teaches the child (adult or not) that its OK to do wrong as long as its with me. What do you think ?