WTH?! A sheriff has blamed Beyonce's Super Bowl performance for shots being fired outside of his house!

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This has gone waaaayyy too far! Is Beyonce so powerful that her Super Bowl performance is causing people to attack police?

Apparently, she has more power in one performance than the entire Black Lives Matter movement!

Rutherford County, Tennessee Sheriff Robert Arnold claims that there has been a rise in crime in his area since the Super Bowl halftime show! Shots were allegedly fired outside of his house and according to him, Bey is to blame!

According to WIVB, when a reporter asked him if the crime, particularly the shots fired outside of his house, were targeted at law enforcement, he said, “Once I kind of figured everything out, you know, with everything that’s happened since the Super Bowl, and with law enforcement as a whole, I mean, I think we have lost five to seven officers, five deputies and sheriffs since Sunday’s Super Bowl,” he continued.

“You know, that’s what I am thinking. You know, here is another target on law enforcement. Well, you have Beyonce’s video and how that’s kind of led over into other things, it seems like, about law enforcement.”


This guy is reaching like a midget trying to open a cabinet!

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