"Sharkeisha" became the no. 1 trending topic on Twitter in the U.S. on Wednesday, after video of a young woman sucker-punching another woman in the middle of an argument went viral on Instagram and other social media sites.

Two young women (kids) were fighting over sex with a young boy (I'm guessing everyone here involved is under 16). The video went viral, and everyone has been screaming the name Sharkiesha all day.

What I don't understand is why everyone finds this funny/amusing? Then, 10 minutes later, the same people will be crying or screaming injustice when a child is bullied or killed. Why are these two teenage girls fighting over sex (when they should not be sexually active anyways), and instead of being offended as adults, we join in by making memes and making it the biggest joke on the internet?!

I'm all for joking, but this young, violent black teenager stereotype is reinforced when adults participate, laugh and joke like this is normal acceptable behavior. Then when someone is killed in your community for participating in the same senseless violent behavior, we will hold rallies and scream R.I.P. on social networks.

This doesn't make sense, and we have to do better. Sharkiesha looks and acts like an animal -- yeah, I said it.

Here is my favorite status from Facebook:

Here is Sharkiesha's alleged mugshot picture.