Mirlande Wilson of Baltimore, Maryland is attention hungry. The 37-year-old single mother of 7 has been telling the media (not the state's lottery commission) she's one of the three winner's of Friday night's record-setting Mega Millions lottery. Let's indulge her for a second: After supposedly winning the lottery, she called her co-worker's at a local McDonald's on Saturday to brag that she's the winner.

She hasn't even received the money and she is being shady: According to the Baltimore Sun Mirlande was in charge of buying tickets for a pool of 15 co-workers, each of whom chipped in $5. She left them in a safe at the McDonald's. But Friday night, shortly before the drawing, the boss at the McDonald's is said to have given her another $5 to buy more tickets for the group on her way home. However, Mirlande says she bought the winning ticket separately from that, with a friend from outside of work. "I was in the group, but this was separate. The winning ticket was a separate ticket," she said. So, basically if this BIG DUMMY is telling the truth, she's going to need that money to hire 24-hour security detail, because her co-workers are going to beat her up ! This all seems to be some made up story to give this lady some attention. If she did win the ticket good for her the lottery needs to be won by some one who actually needs it for a change. Instead of a 80 year old couple from Iowa who was already rich to begin with. For all the unnecasary drama Ms Mirlande can take a seat in the THE BIG DUMMY FILES.

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