Totes McGoats isn't in hibernation any longer.

The Niagara Falls recycling mascot got some national attention courtesy of John Oliver.

Featured on the comedian's episode of Last Week Tonight about plastics, Totes is apparently Oliver's favorite of all recycling mascots.

In the episode Oliver says:

"Plastic really is ubiquitous. It’s in food packaging, it’s in building materials on planes and cars. … But for almost as long as plastics have been around, there’s been the question of what to do with them after they’re used -- a question any number of creepy recycling mascots have tried to answer.

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From the Recycling Wizard in South Carolina, to Recycling Ben from Georgia, to Muncie, Indiana’s Mr. Blue, who appears to be a bag of recycling or an asphyxiated sausage. To my absolute favorite, Totes McGoats.”

The show features a clip from 2015 with Brook D'Angelo, creator of Totes.

In the clip she says:

"Sure, yeah, you know what? I’ve seen children cry at the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus as well. But our target audience isn’t 3- or 4-year-olds, of course. It’s someone who’s learning about the environment, so middle school, teenagers, people who maybe aren’t so afraid of goats and clowns."

The episode wasn't just a retrospective of Totes previous media coverage though.

The goat himself appeared alongside Oliver, after the host joked that saying his name three times would make him appear like Beetlejuice.

Totes didn't disappoint.

See the whole episode (beginning with Totes' first mention) below.

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