Dads often don't get the credit or love that they deserve, which is why Yasmin Young of the 2 To 6 Takeover started Father Friday! It's time for the great dads in Buffalo and WNY to get some recognition! Meet our current honoree, Robert King Sr.! Happy Father's Day to all the dads!!

  • Meet June 17th's Dad, Robert King Sr.

    Nominated by his daughter Mariah, Robert is dad to 7 kids! She says, "My dad is my inspiration. He's been through so much and still stands tall. From being diagnosed with Bone cancer in 2004 and expected to pass away to losing my mom (his wife of 33 years) to stage 4 Lung cancer in 2012, at 55 years old he still manages to raise and take care of my 6 and 8 year old little brothers. This year will be his 12th year of remission and I'm beyond proud of how far he came!" We salute you Robert!

  • Meet June 10th's Dad, Tamir Mulkey!

    Tamir has five children, ages 1 month, 6 months, 2yrs, 2 1/2 and 7yrs! He was nominated by his sister Khalidah, who says "He is a true definition of a great father. He is a hard worker and provider for them all. His children really adores him and at the young age of 30, he does a beyond excellent job raising and providing for his children and think it should be recognized!" That's why we salute Tamir for being an amazing father!

  • Meet June 3rd's Dad, Rocky Tabb!

    Rocky, who was nominated by Roshena Shine, is dad to two boys, ages seven and 19 months.

    She says, "He goes so hard, to make sure they have everything they need. I want him to know we see, he doing a great job!"

    Keep up the great work in being a father to your two boys Rocky!

  • Meet May 20th's Dad, David Holmes Jr.!

    Nominated by Jennifer, David Holmes Jr. is our honoree for Father Friday! She says, "He shows his girls that a Daddy is him at doctor appointments, dentist appointments, school activities, dance class with Ms Barbara. He takes them on the town to restaurants, sport events." He is daddy to 2 daughters, ages 8 and 2! Keep up the great work David!

  • Meet May 13th's Dad, Levi Palmer!

    Nominated by one of his 7 children, Levita says, "He have always been my best friend. My father have worked my whole and even when he was sick that didn't stop him. After having a stroke in his sleep he got up for work and went to the hospital after. Not only have he provided for our family but he also was a father figure to his nieces and nephews, never turned his back on nobody and always give his last." Levi is dad to 7 kids ages 35, 33, 32, 25, 22, 17 and 17! He is also granddad to 5 kids! Keep up the great job Levi!

  • Meet May 6th's Dad, Keith Beal!

    Keith was nominated by Lajetia, who says "I nominate this father because his wife had passed and he took care of 3 kids. Then I came along with my 3 kids and he took care of them as if they were his. Then he had a boy and a girl, who he takes good care of." Keith is dad to 8 kids! We salute you Keith!

  • Meet April 29th's Dad, Parish Hardy!

    Parish is dad to five girls (God bless him lol), Wanasia, 12, Paradise, 9, Paris & Princess, 15 months and Londyn, 3 months! He was nominated by his sister-in-law, Ikea, who says, "Parish is the most selfless person I've met. He's a devoted son, brother, friend, husband, but most of all, an amazing father. He not only takes care of all five of his little ladies (well six, counting the wife lol), but makes sure they are all spoiled rotten! There is no doubt that Parish possesses all the qualities of the perfect father!" We salute you Parish and good luck when all those lil ladies hit dating the age!

  • Meet April 22's Dad, Christopher Hogg!

    Christopher is dad to Madison (5), Sophia (4) and Paisley (6 months). Rebecca Stephens, who nominated him says "Christopher is an amazing father he puts his daughters before anything he goes above and beyond for them!"

  • Meet April 15th's Dad, Reginald Clemons!

    Tamara Greer-Clemons nominated her hubby Reginald Clemons. She says, "He is one of the hardest working fathers and husbands out there. He also is always there for our sons. Even with them getting older he is always there helping them to transition from young men to STRONG BLACK MEN!! He's the best!!" Yasmin Young and WBLK salute you Reginald!

  • Meet March 25th's Dad, Gabriel Felts!

    Chiara Milton, his niece says, "I'm nominating my uncle because he works hard and deserves to be recognized for all that he does for his two boys. He loves them so much and he has a big heart and would do anything and everything for them. I just want him to know that his hard work doesn't go unnoticed and I know the boys love and appreciate you!" Gabriel's sons are Gabriel Jr., age 8, and Mason, age 4! Connect with him: Gabriel Felts (Facebook) and
    @gggaabbee (Instagram)!

  • Meet March 18th's Dad, Keith Worthy!

    Keith, who is the father of two children ages 5 and 8, was nominated by Cyntheria Worthy. She says he is "always giving from his heart, very respectful. He's just one of a kind!"

    Photo courtesy of Keith Worthy
  • Meet March 11th's Dad, Jose Negron!

    Jose is the father of two children, ages 13 and 11! He was nominated by his son, who wrote "He always makes sure we have everything and even though I know he is struggling he never lets us know that. He is best dad any child could ever have and he is best husband to our mom. Most of my friends don't have a dad. I'm glad I and my sister do!"

  • Meet March 4th's Dad, Anthony Daniels!

    Anthony was nominated by his significant other April! They have a daughter with Down Syndrome. April says, "he eats, sleeps and works, but still comes home is attentive to our every need. He sacrifices his needs for us." He is a dad to three! April says, I Love you Tony!!"

  • Meet February 25th's dad, Clifford McDowell Sr.!

    His 13 year old son nominated him, saying "I think my father should be nominated because he works 2 jobs and he keeps a roof over our heads, food on our plate and clothes for us to wear. But 2 days ago he found out he has to have surgery soon. My parents always supports my siblings and I in everything we do, I'm glad that they do because some people don't even have their parents in there life. Also he always find a way to make things happen for us and he goes above and beyond for our family. But he don't only do things for us, he does a lot for his 5 grandchildren, as if they were his own. My Father has a big heart and would do anything for us." Clifford is father to 5 children, Clifford McDowell Jr., Ashley McDowell, Cordell McDOwell, Ceion McDowell, and Aleah McDowell!

  • Meet February 18th's dad, Walter Springer, Jr.!

    Meet this week's father, Walter Springer, Jr.! He was nominated by his daughter Desiree and is dad to an 8-year-old named Tunji as well! Desiree says, "My father is living proof Of what a great father is and is not. He shelters, provides jobs and homes for the homeless, as well as shook hands with Ministers and drug dealers to minimize activities on Watson Street. He's always pouring into young Black men and giving them the knowledge of who they are and not what society called them to be. My father is a great Black man."