It’s not like we needed any further proof that future ‘SNL’ musical guest Rihanna is one of the hottest creatures on the planet. But the ‘We Found Love’ singer decided to give us more unsolicited evidence of her hotness via a still photo from her ‘Where Have You Been’ video. Yes, we’ll take it, and marvel at RiRi’s beauty.

The black and white image, which the Bajan singer shared on Facebook, is simply stunning. She is on her knees, bending backwards in what looks like an acrobatically uncomfortable position, holding her head, as a pile of hair tumbles down her back. You can’t really see much of her face — just a tease of her profile — but her bangin’ body is certainly enough to turn the head of any red-blooded male out there.

She is surrounded by flowers and nature, wearing a bikini top, skirt and cuff. She’s a nature goddess here. As always, we’re blown away by how beautiful and unconventional RiRi is in everything she does. This teaser image has us excited for the ‘Where Have You Been’ video, too. The countdown is on…

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