Rick Ross gets introspective on his new track, 'I Wonder Why.' Not only does he rap about the hard and dark times in his life so far, but also makes reference to the Trayvon Martin case.

In perhaps one of his more personal tracks this year, Ross questions his relationships and fame in the first portion of the song. However, things go even deeper when he starts to spit rhymes about the events surrounding George Zimmerman's acquittal -- he was found not guilty in the shooting death of Martin -- and even makes references to Martin's legacy.

"Now I'm being followed by some creepy-ass cracker / Stand your ground, stand your ground / Stand your ground, you gotta stand your ground," he delivers on the bridge.

Then he goes a bit deeper into the goings on in the case with the second verse. "Got on my hoodie and my mother----ing Desert Eagle / You wanna do me, then you go and tell the people / Knock me down, temp drops as the sun rise / I could see a hustler in my son's eyes / I never knew that money bring so many enemies / Dreams come true, they dream of killing me / But it's f--- 'em and I feed 'em fish / Them killers coming, 'X' you off the list," he raps.

The song ends with a clip of Rachel Jeantel's testimony -- she was a friend of Martin's who spoke about the last conversation she had with him at Zimmerman's trial.

The Maybach Music Group leader's new LP, 'Mastermind,' releases in the later part of 2013 while MMG's 'Self Made, Vol. 3' will drop Sept. 17.

Listen Rick Ross' 'I Wonder Why'

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