PUT YOUR DREAMS FIRST is mentorship in a bottle from over 90 dynamic women in music, radio, film, television, theater, dance, mobile, and new media who succeed in the business with their clothes ON.”

“Thembisa shares her insights on: The Top Seven Biggest Industry Cliche’s
What you ‘Thought you Knew’ but ‘Need to Know’ to thrive in the industry Ten Severance Commandments, The Work-Life Balance Myth”

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I have realized that many women in the industry often taken a road less of value to get to there next stop. Often times these women do not  find out until its too late that the road they decided to travel comes with much bagged and can cause you to never reach your destiny.  Standing for whats right in a world that's often wrong, author Themisa S. Mshaka gives us the insight and road map on how to maneuver in such a male dominate industry where women are looked at more as a pawn in a chest game instead of the valuable queen.

Thembisa S. Mshaka the Author of Put Your Dreams 1st How To Handle Your Entertainment Business, interviews top women leaders of the entertainment industry to give insight and wisdom to help you pick your dreams back up, dust them off, and put your dreams firsts!

This book has given me much insight on how to attack my dreams and the does and don'ts on how to do it. Since getting my internship at 16 i vowed never to go against my beliefs and values. I am proud to say that still today I have stuck to my guns. I know this is possible and that as women you do not have to give out to get put in.

This book is a must have in your library! Ladies and Gents Get This Book!











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“Thembisa S. Mshaka is a 5-time Telly Award winner who has served in the entertainment industry for over 17 years, spanning the areas of touring, management, magazine publishing, recorded music and technology, advertising, music supervision for film, voice over, and television. As Senior Copywriter at Sony Music, and 2-time NARM Award winner, her campaigns contributed to the sale of more than 150 million albums for artists from Lauryn Hill, Will Smith, and Beyonce’, to NaS, Maxwell, George Michael, and Jill Scott.”

“The former GAVIN rap editor has also written for essence.com and LAUNCH.com, and serves as contributing editor for The Hotness.com. She contributed to anthology Sometimes Rhythm: Sometimes Blues (Seal Press) edited by Taigi Smith and Icons of Hip-Hop, an academic reference volume edited by Mickey Hess (Greenwood Press). Thembisa is currently the Copy Director for BET Networks.”

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