At first I thought...LOL...this is "good for them"!  Two students had been fighting at Westwood High School in Mesa, Arizona and their Principal, Dr. Tim Richards, gave them an ultmatum.... HOLD HANDS PUBLICLY OR CHOOSE SUSPENSION!  The boys chose to hold hands....and it has opened up a can of worms!!!!!!  After thinking this through I not only understand why people are upset, I have also changed my opinion...I think it's inappropriate!  Here's my opinion:

I went to YouTube to see if I could find something on the story (which I found and I'm sharing with you below) and watched the video of the news story which didn't really change my initial thoughts...I thought it was a GREAT idea!  But then I read the some of the comments people had posted below the video on YouTube expressing their feeling about this and one comment changed my mind COMPLETELY and made me further think this through...the comment read as follows:

"Since when is humiliation the only viable alternative to suspension? How do they humiliate two girls who are fighting? This was stupid and it caused more problems with the kids than it helped." (Posted by tronmartin1)

I had to stop and think about the most important question raised within the comment...How do they humiliate two girls who are fighting?  It was like reading a "NO NEGROS ALLOWED" or "WHITE DRINKING FOUNTAIN / BLACK DRINKING FOUNTAIN" sign above two public drinking fountains placed side by side.  It made me wonder...are we still at a place in this U.S. society of ours such that men still cannot hold hands without being deemed GAY?  

I mean listen, two men walking down the street holding hands is a bit much...as would two women doing the same make me do a double take... but consider this...two girls fight in school and are given a choice to publicly hold hands or be suspended...they would quickly choose to hold hands...a No-Brainer" right?  Other students would find it amusing but wouldn't think twice about it being awkward that two girls re holding hands...but let it be two BOYS!!!!!!  The immediate reaction seeing two boys holding hands, even if a very short-lived thought, is that they MUST BE GAY!  If two girls are seen holding hands...it's pretty inconsequential!  WHY!!!!????

Why is ok for women to "hold hands" but less accepted for men?  Whatever the reason, it made me second guess my initial reaction regarding the punishment option handed down by the Principal.  I realized that the Principal suggesting that two boys holding hands is humiliating sends a disturbing message...because I doubt the Principal would have chosen to present two girls with the same option.  What the Principal IMPLIED was that two boys holding hands is GAY...unnatural...WRONG!!!!

Now I'm not suggesting that he's "off base" in his "reasoning"... because it IS A FACT...boys holding hands in public, or in general, is looked upon as a NO-NO!...and whether it is or is not TRUE... I don't agree (#1) with the Principal making the boys feel uncomfortable and "Gay" and I don't agree with him promoting the notion that "GAY" is a humiliating concept.

I'm NOT HARDLY, NOT ALMOST, EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE, to being Gay...but I do think that it's a personal choice in our Society that should not be exploited as humiliating, wrong, and unaccepted.  I think the Principal used poor judgement in this situation and should be corrected.  Maybe we should make him paint his face Black and be "Black for a Day", or stuff his shirt with pillows and be "Fat for a Day" ...those two "CONDITIONS" are still looked upon as being HUMILIATING in this society right? Hmmmmm!