A protest in response to recent racial clashes has been scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, September 4, on Hertel Avenue in Buffalo.

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We Pump 716 and the Liberation Collective are holding a Hertel Avenue Protest, according to a flyer co-organizer Stevo Johnson sent me. The organizers are "calling on the entire east side to show up," according to the flyer. The protest will begin at 5 pm at the corner of Delaware and Hertel.

Stevo wrote on Facebook,

"#MARCHONHERTEL: We Do Not Protest Violently, That’s Not Something We Condone, No Looting Or Violence Of Any Kind Friday ... We Will Not Give Anyone A Narrative To Destroy Our Creditability & Our Intregrity."

According to WGRZ, the Buffalo Police Department is aware of the rally and will be on-site,

"We’re monitoring as we do for all of them we would certainly ask any of the organizers anyone who’s running these protests please reach out to our our public protection detail the information has been put out there we want to work with you also we want to make sure we’re protecting property and more importantly people." ~ Buffalo Police deputy commissioner Joseph Gramaglia

Hertel has been the sight of heated confrontations and clashes over the past few days.

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