AR-Ab was up next on the rap scene with his connection with drake (back when meek mill and drake were beefing), a lot of eyes were on The Philly Native rapper. When I say a lot I mean a lot of eyes were on him.

Tuesday federal jurors decided that the AR-Ab’s lyrics and "lifestyle" he portrayed in a lot of his music wasn't just for industry cred but a reflection of a real-life criminal career.

Jurors found Ar-Ab and three members of his entourage guilty of turning their record label, Original Block Hustlaz (OBH), into a large-scale North Philly drug trafficking operation implicated in at least two killings. prosecutors said that his rap lyrics and social media persona were more than just a marketing tool to promote the labels music but They amounted to a confession to crimes.

Prime example of rappers telling on themselves through music from bobby shmurda to 6ix9ine both in jail and now we are adding AR-Ab to the conversation.

AR-Ab is facing decades behind bars

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