Remember back when Roll Up The Rim was a fun game where you used to be able to win a coffee or a donut?  Somehow, it's just not fun anymore.

Back in the day, I was able to win coffee after coffee in Tim Horton's "Roll Up The Rim To Win" contest.  Sometimes it was just a donut.  At the very least I had a couple of seconds of anticipation while I rolled up the rim to see if I had won.

Now, people don't even play.

Let's be honest, people aren't drinking less coffee from Timmy Hoes.  It's a bit of a staple in our little corner of the world. Yet somehow, every single person I've asked has no idea how to do this contest.  I see people reaching out on facebook asking how to make it work.  Nobody knows!

It used to be so simple!  You'd get a cup.  You'd drink the coffee out of the cup.  Then you roll up the rim to see if you win another coffee.

It's complicated now.  It says on the cup that you can play only on the app & online.  Sadly I can't tell you how many people I still see feverishly trying to roll up their rim and feeling terribly disappointed when they find that there isn't anything written there.

But Ok...I am cool with change.  This morning I thought I'd give it a try.  I have the app.  This can't be THAT hard...right?

It says "Download The Tims App."  I did that.  Then it says "Scan Tims Rewards" which is where I think they lose a lot of people.  A lot of people don't know how do scan a QR code (still) with their phones.  If you bring up your camera and point it at the QR code, it will take you to an app or a website.  In this case, it takes you to the app.  But then the screen says "Every Roll Wins! Get Rrrolling!"

But how?  I've already purchased a cup.  I scanned the code.  Yet when I get there the button that says "RRROLL Now!" is greyed out as if I don't have any rolls.  Well how do you get your rolls in there?

This is where most people in their right mind just give up.

Then you scroll down and it says "Roll Up Rundown."  "To earn your first roll, place an eligible order."

Didn't I do that already?  I bought a cup and I scanned the thing...

Do I have to place an order with the app to get a roll?  WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO BE SO COMPLICATED???

Prizes must be redeemed by 4/24/22.  It's gonna take me that long to figure it out!

Here's the answer when you read the just have to scan your app at the register when you make an eligible purchase.  The roll will automatically be added to your app.  THAT is how you get the rolls in there.  But if you don't do it at the register, you can't win.  Oy....

Dear Tim Hortons,

We love you here in WNY.  We love playing your game.  Can we just go back to the way we used to do it...please?

Thank you.

Signed, almost all of WNY.

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