After all the reports of teens sneaking their parents prescription drugs and falling victim to the most abused perscription drug, Oxycontin, the makers are now working on a "kid-friendly" version of the painkiller.

Purdue Pharm is looking for 154 kids to test out "Oxycontin for Kids." Any volunteers?

Oxycontin was recently banned in Canada, yet here in America, we are giving it to our children! Besides being highly addictive, check out the other side effects listed in the picture below.

oxycontin effects

But never mind all that! Purdue Pharm is putting together clinical trials in which 154 kids, ages six to 16, will be studied while on the substance in hopes of getting FDA approval for “ Oxycontin Candy” – my term for the kiddie version.

Yes, children’s responses to Oxycontin is definitely something we should have on medical file, but why should this group of kids be subject to the lifelong addiction?

“There’s good medical evidence that suggests a brain that’s not fully mature is at greater risk at developing the disease of addiction,” said Andrew Kolodny, president of Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing and the head of psychiatry at Maimonides Medical Center in New York City. The pediatric community underestimates those risks, he said, because they have given too much credence to drugmakers, who have systematically downplayed the dangers.

Much of that misinformation came from a campaign funded by Purdue. It's painfully obvious that this company does not care about the health and wellness of our kids. They, like most drug distributors, are all about the money.

Oxycontin raked in $2.8 billion dollars in 2011 alone. Purdue in no way wants to lose their patent on the highly lucrative drug, which comes up for expiration next year. And the FDA is offering up a six-month extension in exchange for these clinical pediatric trials.

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