Disclaimer: If you’re a Bills fan, and feeling a little bit annoyed about something today, you’re about to fly off the handle.

“Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words can never hurt us.” We’ve heard the old saying since kindergarten. For Bills fans, the adage should go “Crashing through tables may break our bones, but WE have Josh Allen - GO BILLS.”

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Sure, we may look tough with our death-defying tailgating stunts, but every Bills fan can admit we have a deep, dark secret…

Bills fans are actually pretty sensitive.

Sure, Bills Mafia has toughened up and grown a thicker skin over the years thanks to heartbreaking disappointments and close calls that crushed our soul. But as every dedicated fan wearing royal blue and red knows, the pain is still there. When the right buttons are pushed, certain words can make a Buffalo Bills fan lose absolutely it. Sometimes, all it takes is a single, cruel sentence to make our faces turn red, clench our fists, and get ready to throw down.

What is ONE single sentence that could tick off all of Bills Mafia?

We went to the angriest place on the Internet (aka Facebook) and asked Buffalo Bills fans to name one single sentence that would send them into a flying, deep-seated rage. The answers ranged from past woes to fears about the future - and surprisingly,  a lot about what to eat with chicken wings.

(Ok, those ones are absolutely justified.)

You might want to put on some soothing ocean sounds and light a candle. Definitely do some deep breathing exercises. This won’t be pleasant. Here are the single sentences that will anger every single Bills fan on Earth.

One Sentence That Will Immediately Enrage Buffalo Bills Fans [LIST]