Is this overboard? Although, they claim that it's for protection against possible terrorist attacks, if Police in Buffalo did this, how would feel? Protected or scared?


All eyes have been on police forces across the country as many trying to repair the tattered relationship between the ‘Boys in Blue’ and the civilians. A vast majority of civilians may be a bit worried after it was announced yesterday that the NYPD will now be arming the patrolmen with Machine Guns. Yes, Machine Guns.

It’s a plan that NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton rolled out yesterday in a breakfast hosted by the Police Federation. He detailed that this serves as a precautionary measure in anticipation of possible terror attacks.

Either way you slice the pie, it’s still pretty creepy but whatever.

Commissioner Bratton wants to improve the connection between officers and communities that they are sworn to protect. He would like to have certain officers focusing on policing the streets while others focus on the happenings in their specific communities.

“They never have a chance to really have time to build relationships, to work on the problems in these distressed neighborhoods,” he said. “They’re indentured to the radio, running from call to call, in a department that does not have enough police officers often times and not enough cars out there to handle all the calls as they continue to come in.”

The sight of police officers walking the streets with big machine guns will frighten most but as always, we just have to hope that everything will be fine and we can still find a way to trust our sworn protectors.

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