Someone needs to tell her that they took all the good stuff out two years ago.

A nun was caught on camera stealing a 4 Loko !!!!! Out of all the things in the world for a nun to be caught on camera doing. Some of the most ratchet people I know drink 4 Lokos. If you aren't hip to what a 4 Loko is. 4 Loko is a malt beverage that USED to have caffienne in the ingredients.

People were complaining that others were doing wild and crazy things while under the influence of 4 Lokos. Also people were actually getting sick from drinking to many because of the combination of ingredients were actually very harmful (allegedly). The government made 4 Loko take some of the ingredients out and now they are back on the shelves of gas stations world wide. The thing that made 4 Loko especially dangerous is that they are CHEAP. Some of the brokest people I know drink 4 Lokos.

All of these facts alone make it hilarious that a Nun is caught on tape actually stealing one from a convenience store. Maybe life in the covenant is boring ? She wanted to live a little. I hope this lady enjoyed her drink and no charges are pressed because this video alone is hilarious. Welcome this drunk ratchet Nun into the BIG DUMMY FILES.