Oh Twitter. You unite as much as you divide. The latest divas to engage in a war of the words confined to 140 characters are Nicki Minaj and Cher. To be fair, it wasn’t exactly Minaj and Cher directly exchanging words or verbal barbs. It was Minaj’s Barbs — her pet name for her fans — who started spouting off to Cher. It had the makings of a mini feud, but the drama between these wig lovers seems to have died down with relative quickness.

It all started when a fan told Cher that Nicki dissed her in ‘Did It On ‘Em,’ where the pink loving MC raps “If you could turn back time, Cher / You used to be here, now you’re gone Nair.” Whatever that means.

That said, Cher replied to the tweet, saying she’s seen many new artists come and go in her time and that she essentially wasn’t getting her knickers in a knot over Minaj’s commentary within the space of her song. Cher was dismissing it as no biggie, since it is she who remains a constant of divadom.

Then Minaj fans AKA “Barbs” chimed in, saying it was a compliment not a diss.

Cher even said she’s been dissed before and should have educated herself about the song before commenting and that maybe her comments were said in haste.

Minaj, an active tweeter, even injected herself into the fracas, writing “Stop” to Cher’s handle.

You can read the run of tweets by following each diva at her Twitter handle.

It seems blown out of proportion to us. Let’s hope this Twitter beefage leads to conversation and discussion and an eventual collab? Lady Gaga is not the only pop queen worthy of a duet with Cher.

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