R&B crooner Mario has been working his hardest on a new album slated to come out late this year (or early in 2012)! He's been keeping everything on the low and working with artists and producers all over the place.

He's best known for his singles "Let Me Love You" "Cryin Out For Me" "Thinkin About You" and more. He's a truely passionate artist and that's what I respect most about him. He takes his time to produces quality music and showcase his vocals to their full capacity.

Mario's new music is guaranteed to be a sound like nothing he's done before. In a recent interview with Rap-Up TV, he revealed some of his plans for the new album, a snippet of the new single "The Walls" ft. Fabolous. That new single will be released in about two weeks and there's also talks of a club banger called "Roosevelt (Drop A Dime) that Mario has already coined to be "one of the biggest records this year." He promised!

Check out the interview here and stay tuned for more info on the lates music :)

And here is that new song "The Walls" Ft. Fabolous

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