For Years the skyway has been an important connector in the Buffalo commute in and out the city. I was always fan of it because I can get to lackawanna and the beach in a matter of minutes, I never really thought of it as an "eye sore" as many said it was. If that's the case go to NYC and check out all the "eye Sores" there lol.

But seriously there was on contest the state and the city of Buffalo held to find the best Buffalo Skyway design and they have a winner right out of Rochester Ny Howard Zemsky, Empire State Development and Fisher Associates and MRB Group for their design. Check out their new design below


So the actually designs removes the skyway from buffalo and turns it into a high-level bridge called "Skyway Park," and give visitors views of the water and recreational amenities.

Everyones biggest question will "But what about the traffic, you can't take away the skyway and not think about the traffic especially people coming and going to work". Well the new design would create a new Tift street extension and add a new lift bridge at south Michigan Street.

Bill Price from MRB said in an interview

“There is a lot of traffic – we analyzed both the totally volume as well as the peak hour volumes so we know that we can distribute that is currently there but we also think that over the next 20 to 30 years that type of commuter traffic is going to start to wane and dissipate,” Price explained.

Buffalo How Do you feel about this?

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