Ne-Yo‘s latest album ‘Libra Scale’ combined his interest in sci-fi, comic books and Japanese animation, but this next time around he’ll focus on what he calls ‘The Cracks in Mr. Imperfect.’

After his performance at the Michael Jackson tribute concert in Wales last weekend, Ne-Yo sat down for a video chat with That Grape Juice and relayed his thoughts on the deceased pop icon, as well as taking a few moments to discuss the new album, due out early next year.

“The album is based around showing people that even though I am a ‘celebrity,’ I’m a human being first,” he explained. “I feel as an artist sometimes you are expected to be this perfect being for your fans. You’re not allowed to have a bad day, you’re not allowed [to] not feel like smiling, you’re not allowed to get upset. I’m not this perfect guy, I’m a human being at the end of the day.”

Ne-Yo went on to share his memories of meeting Jackson shortly before his death. “He actually told me he was a fan of my music, which blew my mind,” he revealed. “Sitting with him and realizing that he’s this big, huge super megastar but he’s [also] a human being. He was a regular guy. There was nothing weird. No monkeys or animals… He’s just another guy who loves music the way I love music.”

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