Over the past couple years, I've been watching this young lady's growth throughout the city of Buffalo as she speaks at engagements and sells skin care products.

Zandra Cunningham is a 16-year-old C.E.O and started her company "Zandra Beauty" just over seven years ago right before her 10th birthday. She was highlighted on NBC's Today Show as a young entrepreneur.

It all started when Zandra's father told her "No" after continuously purchasing lip balm for the teen. It was then, with some help from her parents, that Zandra decided to make her own lip balm, body wash, lotions, scrubs and other skin care products. She takes pride in creating healthy natural products for ladies while helping them smell sensational.

Zandra is all about "educating and empowering" other teens. You can even book a party to create your own products. She hopes to eventually sell her products in stores worldwide. Check out Zandra on the Today Show wit Kathy Lee and Hoda below!

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