National Fuel announced today that YOUR Heating Bill this winter will be about 22% HIGHER than last year...making the AVERAGE HOUSEHOLD HEATING BILL ABOUT $714 this winter.... which is about $128 MORE than last winter!!!! WHA!!!!!????????

The explanation is ...of course... way beyond our Comprehension... Probably purposely so as confuse us to the extent we just throw our hands up and stop trying to figure it out... SOMETHING ABOUT HIGHER NATURAL GAS PRICES ON THE COMMODITIES MARKET.

Now although I can't FIGURE OUT all that goes into figuring out how much "WE SHOULD" pay for GAS to heat our homes... I did figure out how to go to GOOGLE and type in.... NATIONAL FUEL CEO SALARY... and this is what POPPED UP!!!! >>>>>>>>>> (SEE DIAGRAM BELOW)

National Fuel Executive Salaries

UMMMM.....EXCUSE ME!!!!  A SALARY OF $4 MILLION ANNUALLY!!!!!!  FOR WHAT!!!!?????? What could a HUMNA BEING possibly do (besides be an OVER PAID SPORTS STAR) to earn a $4,000,000 SALARY!!!???????  I'm TOTALLY BAFFLED (and pissed of) when my Fuel Bill is increasing by approximately $128.... why didn't this $4 MILLION DOLLAR CEO do something to avoid this.... and if HE DIDN'T....WHAT IS HE GETTING PAID $4,000,000 ANNUALLY TO DO????????

I'm CONFUSED!!!!!  How about YOU?

Here are some more individuals from the National Fuel Accountability Coalition (posted by PUSH BUFFALO ) who are concerned and confused as well...they have attempted to speak and meet with National Fuel's CEO, David F. Smith to no avail.


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