Tis the season for SPIDERS. Find out how I cured my spider bite blues and healed myself naturally. 

So about a month ago a gang of exotic spiders made their decent on the WBLK Studio. Ed Nice documented this in the "When Spiders Attack Video" .

Just when I thought I had escaped the mayhem, I woke up with a SPIDER BITE on my leg!!!

For the first couple of days, I just left it alone thinking it would just heal up on it's own. But then it started to swell and HURT. So I did some research and asked my mom for help and within 24 hours the pain was GONE!

Jazzy T
Jazzy T


Here's my remedy:

1) Numb the bit area with ice

2) Grab a raw potato slice and poor some Cayenne pepper on it

3) Put the potato (Pepper side down) on your bite and wrap it up for at least 30 min

4) Then take the potato off and re-ice it.

5) Finally mix some baking soda with water and paste it on your bite

6) Watch the venom ooze out of your skin and the swelling subside!

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