Last weekend I took a short vacation trip (very very long drive lol) down to Atlanta and while I was there I went to one of their top clubs. I saw Ludacris, Carmelo Anthony, LaLa, (Stringer) from The Wire and DJ Don Cannon . But surprisingly that wasn't the highlight of my trip, it was after we were leaving the club and walking through the parking lot. I saw a Rolls Royce Phantom, a Maybach, a Bentley and all. But the one car that got me excited was the Panamera Porsche. For all of you who have recently tuned into the SATURDAY NIGHT MIXTAPE with me and DJ Heat and he plays "Future" - Tony Montana, part of the verse goes "Bout To Cop A Porsche, Tony Montana" you know that I love that car lol. It was funny cause everybody around me was looking at me crazy because out of all the cars there I was looking at the Porsche but hey its better to me.